Leningrad (in the forty -first)

The artist is Ugarov

Boris Sergeevich Ugarov – a famous Soviet painter, People’s Artist of the USSR, candidate of art history, teacher, professor. A native of Leningrad, Boris Ugarov during the war volunteers leaves for the people’s militia. He held the whole war the artillery-gunner on the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts, in Karelia and the Far East.

The memory of the blockade of Leningrad is a wound that will never heal. To realize, understand, live and give an assessment of terrible 872 days of war in a besieged city through art, artists have been trying to more than seventy years now. In the blockade Leningrad, the feat and tragedy of ordinary people reached the Absolute. Boris Ugarov, who served near Leningrad during the war, felt the need to artistically comprehend the tragic fate of the hero city. In 1945, he would write down in his diary: “The theme of Leningrad in the blockade is very worried about. I want to convey at least a piece of those feelings and experiences that owned Leningraders in those days … Frost, in which it is difficult to breathe, stands above Leningrad. Neva embankment. Lonely human figures move in deep snow … “.

Sixteen years later, Ugarov creates the image of the strong -willed Leningradka in the famous painting “Leningrad (in the forty -first)”. It is exhausted by cold and hunger, but not broken and, overcoming weakness, like hundreds of thousands of Leningraders, extracts precious water from the winter nonsense. “This is a very concrete story about the winter of the forty -first year. But at the same time, there is a feeling of eternal in him, which arises only when the power of the vital impression becomes art. A person is beautiful in the most difficult minutes, while it remains a person. And if his beauty was realized, the picture took place, ”he will write about Leningradka in. A. Lenyashin.

Egor Mogilevsky. “The best memory is true to them …” // Memory. To the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War . SPb, 2020. WITH. 6.

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