Warm day

The artist is Levitin

The picture personifies the beginning of the tennization of Soviet art, which unfolded after the official exposure of the cult of the personality of Stalin in 1957. The image of a girl who is resting after simple homework does not correlate with any of the ideological formulas. Voluntarily or involuntarily Levitin avoids portrait and plot stamps characteristic of socialist realism. He claims his canvas the value of the moment “here and now”. Admiring the beauty of youth, enjoyment of light and warmth – simple universal joys, the artist sincerely shares them with the viewer and does not impose on him additional ideological meanings.

For the happiness of the people. Catalog of the exhibition of the Russian Museum in Malaga. 2018. WITH. 123.

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Anatoly Pavlovich Levitin-a bright representative of the galaxy of Russian Soviet artists, whose creative activity, which began in the 1950s, reflected the life of our country during the post-war restoration of destroyed cities, the development of virgin lands, the construction of grandiose power plants on Siberian rivers, breakthrough into space, iron curtains and cold War. By the breadth of the coverage of life phenomena and the accuracy of their artistic embodiment, the artist’s work can be called by the encyclopedia of the life of Russia without exaggeration. At the heart of the picturesque manner A. P. Levitin is noticeable traditions of Russian realistic painting of the last third of the XIX century and French impressionism. In his best works, as in this, the master manages to express universal values ​​and, above all, a joyful attitude to life and admiration for the unique aroma of nature, due to the laconic compositional solution and strict selection of details. The work among others brought the artist all -Union fame and was awarded the silver medal of the USSR Academy of Arts.

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