Windy day

The artist is Tkachev

The Tkachev brothers occupy a special place in Russian art. Each of them is a major creative person with its individuality. Sergey Petrovich – an artist of an acute picturesque manner, gravitating towards large -scale canvases, to the creation of plot -detailed works. Alexey Petrovich is more lyrical, he is a thin painter and a drawer. In jointly written paintings, these qualities are connected and represent the phenomenon of “Tkachev brothers”, which includes rare skill in creating a “big picture” with a carefully worked out internal dramaturgy and a living language of playful painting.
The leading theme of artists is rural labor and life. The heroes of their paintings are real people, relatives, friends, neighbors. At the same time, artists strive for the creation of typical images in which the national character is embodied, the worldview of a village man is manifested, his consent with nature. The natives of the Bryanski, the famous Tyutchevsky Territory, the Tkachevs often captured the beauty of their native places in their works. “The native land nourished us, endowed the juices of life, if not for it, we would not have become artists. Giving the duty, they tried to sing it like sons. “.
In the work “Wind -time”, the unassuming the plot is redeemed by the dynamics of painting and the aesthetic feeling with which the whole picture is performed. Everything is subordinated here to the expression of the emotional power of nature and the fullness of human existence. Continuing the traditions of his spiritual mentor A. Plastov, the Tkachevs reveal in the picture the idea of ​​a harmonious merger of man and nature, their comparisons. And they do this with conquering freedom on the material of a simple, everyday life, but with that genuine significance that distinguishes high works of art.

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