Portrait m. A. Rumyantseva

The artist is anthropov

Maria Andreevna Rumyantseva, nee Countess Matveeva (1698-1788), one of the most prominent women of Russia of the 18th century. Wife General-Anthef count a. AND. Rumyantseva. Occupied a prominent position at court: since 1744-the state-date of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, from 1775-the cavalier lady of the Order of St. Catherine of the Big Cross, from 1776-Ober-Hofmeisterin. Mother of the commander of the count p. A. Rumyantsev-Zadunaysky.

In the portrait, the artist portrayed an elderly woman with expressive eyes, full of clear mind and vitality. The chamber portrait conveys the features of the face of the model and numerous details of the costume. M. A. Rumyantseva is depicted with a sign of the distinction of the state-date-a portrait of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna in a diamond frame. The accuracy in the transfer of appearance and surrounding objects is a characteristic feature of the Russian portrait of this era.

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