In the beginning of May

The artist is Sidorov

Valentin Sidorov is an artist of a pronounced national character. His work is addressed to Russia and is connected with all its deep threads with it, it develops the framework of only a village theme, rising to a great universal sound. Exhibition catalog in Malaga “Seasons. Works from the collection of the Russian Museum “. 2015. WITH. 77.

Not far from Tver on different banks of the Volga, almost against each other, there are two villages – Korovino and forty. Valentina Sidorov was held in these places. “At the bottom of the memory are children’s impressions,” recalls the artist. – I grew up in the village, the world has opened in the village. We, rural children, have recognized the life of nature from the first years. They learned that if the cranes flew early, there will be early winter and it will snow early, and if swallows have already arrived, there will be no more cold weather and you can run barefoot. We also learned why in May it was necessary to spill the apple trees and why Len is spread under the August dew, recognized the hard peasant labor and peasant concerns. With dashing, I fell in love with this work of people and fell in love with the land “.

Throughout the biography of the master, the happy time of village childhood remains an unchanging landmark, the reference point in life and creativity.

The painting “At the beginning of May” written at the beginning of the new century is a living memory of the feeling of delight that the child experiences when, after a warm thunderstorm, he runs through the puddles barefoot. Everything on canvas is pierced by movement. The landscape still breathes with a thunderstorm, the old veterus, covered with delicate spring foliage, are still disheveled from the wind, but the sun has already broken through the blue-black clouds and shone. The last large rain drops fall on wet ground. The children rush through the puddles, raising spray sparkling in the sun. They wave their geese wings. The contrast of light and shadow enhances the romantic mood.

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