Portrait of Peter III

The artist is anthropov

Pyotr Fedorovich (1728-1762)-son of the Cesarevna Anna Petrovna and Karl Friedrich, Duke of Golstein-Gottorp. The grandson of two implacable enemies: the Russian emperor Peter I and the Swedish King Charles XII. Since 1742 – heir to the Russian throne. From December 25, 1761 to June 28, 1762 – Emperor Peter III. Not crowned. In imitation of Peter I, he intended to conduct a series of reforms. “Manifesto on the liberties of the nobility”, the abolition of the office of secret search affairs, secularization of the church lands, which were expected by him, became the foundation for the subsequent legislative activity of Catherine II. In traditional historiography, it is characterized, and not without reason, like an ignorant, weak -minded Russophobe. It was overthrown as a result of the palace coup, headed by his own wife, future Empress Catherine II. The father of Emperor Paul I.

It is depicted in the uniform of the Life Guards of the Preobrazhensky Regiment, in a triangle, with an officer’s breast sign and the Order of St. Andrew the First -Called (tape and star).

Julia Hodko. Exhibition catalog in Malaga "The Romanov dynasty". 2017. WITH. 224.

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