Appearance in. AND. Lenin at the II All -Russian Congress of Soviets

The artist is self -wrapping

On the evening of October 25, 1917, when the Red Guard detachments still continued to methodically occupy the strategic objects of the capital, the II All -Russian Congress of Soviets was opened in Smolny, at which the Bolsheviks had the overwhelming number of delegates. Among the most important documents approved by the Congress, there were decrees about peace, land and the “Declaration of the Rights of the Peoples of Russia”. The congress also formed the highest authorities – the All -Russian Central Executive Committee and the Council of People’s Commissars, which led respectively I. M. Sverdlov and in. AND. Lenin. The large -scale work of Samokhvalov depicts a jubilant crowd who welcomes his leader, rapidly heading for the presidium. Soon from the rostrum of the congress, Lenin will utter historical words about the victory of the socialist revolution.

In the 1930s, Samokhvalov, who previously showed a tendency to picturesque experiments, is gradually becoming an increasing fan of classical art. Among its idols are. A. Ivanov, c. AND. Surikov and and. E. Repin. “The appearance of c. AND. Lenin … ”, which is an example of the artistic embodiment of the“ religion ”of its time, today can be considered as a kind of Soviet analogy to the“ appearance of Christ people ”Ivanov. (ABOUT. M.)

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