Portrait of Princess E. A. Lobanova-Rostov

The artist is Argunov

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Lobanova-Rostovskaya, nee Princess Kurakina (1735-1802), since 1752-Princess, wife of the prince and. AND. Lobanova-Rostovsky, wife of the prince and. AND. Lobanova-Rostovsky, niece of the count of Nikita and Peter Panins, the second cousin of Emperor Peter II. According to the recollection of contemporaries, “I did not know pride, it was affectionate, polite, my dear, charity, I received excellent upbringing and had a cheerful disposition, which did not change even in the venerable old age”.

In the portrait, steam room to the portrait and. AND. Lobanova-Rostovsky, the materiality of objects, the texture of lace, Seryog was skillfully conveyed. Masterfully worked out folds of fabric that do not detect the shape of the body. In painting, cold lemon-yellow and silver tones prevail. The heroine of the portrait is depicted in a red, wrapped in the ermine of the princely mantle.

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