The oath of the Baltic

The artist is soap

The diploma picture "The oath of the Baltic" Opens the creative path of the painter, graphics, monumentalist Mylnikov. The canvas preceded the mosaic for the pantheon of the heroes-Baltic (unfortunately, remained unfulfilled). This work rare in its tragedy (especially for that time) is a significant milestone not only for its author. Large dark silhouettes of sailors, asymmetrically located against the background of the sea and cloudy sky, cut through the horizon with a bright noticeable strip, rise like a monument. In the living wall of the Baltic, there is a huge internal energy, expressed both in the appearance of people and in the growing upward movement. In everything we will notice the scale of the feat of their oaths. Here, in essence, is an image-will. Created on the basis of recent events, the work capaciously embodies historical and artistic reliability, amazes the scale of creative generalization. According to the Frontovik poet m. A. Dudina, picture "perceived as a monument to the generation that stopped the dark river of death, it was perceived as a conversation about the future…".

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