The parish of spring and summer

The artist is Burliuk

The art of avant -garde is always a sentence of classics. Sometimes it can be accompanied by a sarcastic, critical, ironic commentary.

David Burliuk creates his version of seasonal allegories (spring, summer, winter, autumn). Instead of captivating naked bodies of beautiful girls inhabiting European painting and a sculpture of revival and new time, the viewer sees two triangle walking across the field: one of them is spring, the other is summer. The figures are fluid against the background, mockingly stylized under the post -impressionistic painting of Van Gogh with all its pure colors and naive forms.

The iconoclastic gesture of Burliuk beats at once both according to the sentimental imagery of the classical pastoral, and the highly seriousness of the Russian abstraction with its black Suprematist squares, circles and crosses. Endowing triangles with kitschy anthropomorphic features, Burliuk ironically destroys the very irreconcilable opposition of invaluability and figurativeness.

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