The artist is Nesbitt

The picture was made from a photograph of Barton Yang 1963., on which the waterfall under the Brixdal glacier in Norway was removed. Nebitt divided a photo of 8 x 8 cm by 16 fields and transferred photographic information with a large increase in the canvas.

While the photographic original is more likely to have the character of a portrait of nature, a picturesque work recalls the tradition of romantic landscape painting XIX in., The favorite plot of which was wild, unbridled nature.

Nesbitt photorealist to a lesser extent emphasizes the detailed and accurate reproduction of reality than, for example, Robert Bechtle or Ralph Gings, he pays more attention to a picturesque decision of the plot. True, he imitates a specific photographic optics, but works much more actively on the plane. The bright flavor of the picture, in particular red, blue and yellow tones of the rainbow, is close to a motley palette of pop art artists. // Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum. SPb, 1998. WITH. 196.

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