The artist is Moiseenko

The paintings of Evsey Moiseenko are always recognizable – they are peculiar in an acute boundary drawing and a memorable contrasting color. But the main thing in them is philosophical depths, fullness, discreet symbolism and deep confessibility of images. The topic of war and memory of it is multifaceted in the works of the master. Having missed these difficult impressions through their own experience, having been in a lost battle, surrounded and almost four years in a terrible enemy captivity, Moses incredibly and subtly chose a composition for his military work. E.B. Mogilevsky, c.M. Akhunov. Materials for audio guide at the exhibition “Memory” for the IZI platform.Travel. 2020

A truly genuine sound and deep psychological impact is the picture of Evsey Moiseenko “Veterans”. For the artist, these meetings are deeply intimate experience, without bravura pathetics, fiery speeches and salutes. Miraculously avoided the deaths of friends, as if not believing that the war was over, they came to remember those who could not see the victory. Their icon faces come from the dark. A modest dull flavor emphasizes the solemnity and tragedy of the moment, and strong silent hugs, gestures of their knotted hands speak of harsh hardships that fell to the share of these people. Lonely cloves are symbolic – like a mourning church candle in the hand of a mourning woman. Egor Mogilevsky. “The best memory is true to them …” // Memory. To the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War . SPb, 2020. WITH. 9.

“Hero of Heroes” (war in works E. E. Moiseenko)
Multimedia film – winner of the multimedia resource competition "Heroes and victories in Russian art" (2020)

Member: Kokoreva Diana, 13 years old

Leaders: Olkhovskaya Elena Vsevolodovna, Belying Marina Vyacheslavovna
IOC: Central District Library to them. IN. G. Belinsky, GBOU secondary school No. 96 of the Kalinin district, g. Saint Petersburg

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