The artist is Moiseenko

Evsey Evseevich Moiseenko – the largest representative of the Leningrad School of Painting, a well -known Soviet painter, graphic artist, teacher and professor. During his lifetime, Evsey Evseevich managed to acquire a well -deserved recognition: Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of the Lenin and State Prizes, Academician. His work during his life was acquired by the largest museums of the country, he was a popular public figure, but despite all this Moses always remained true to himself and his artistic principles, avoiding conformism.

A native of the Belarusian village of Uvarovichi, Evsey Moiseenko studied first in Moscow, and then in Leningrad, at the Repin Institute, but his study was interrupted by war. Evsey Evseevich signed up in the People’s militia and went to the front, where he soon fell into the environment and was captured by the enemy. For about four years, the artist spent in a concentration camp in Altengrabov, until he was liberated by the Allies in 1945.

The war and those difficult trials that fell to the lot of Evsey Moiseenko determined the stages of the formation of the master, influenced the circle of those large works, on a special manner, who made it the most “non -imperial” of the major masters of the post -war span. In 1970, Moiseenko began writing powerful in his psychologism and plastic effects of the “Victory” canvas, which he finished two years later. This is a soldier’s “Pieta”, an accurate symbol of the joy of the end of the war and bitterness of losses in the very first minutes of victory. The picturesque monument, embodied the immortality of the feat and the idea of ​​the high human price of the conquered – so described the picture by the famous Soviet and Russian art critic and art critic Anatoly Dmitrenko.

E.B. Mogilevsky, c.M. Akhunov. Materials for audio guide at the exhibition “Memory” for the IZI platform.Travel. 2020

“Hero of Heroes” (war in works E. E. Moiseenko)
Multimedia film – winner of the multimedia resource competition "Heroes and victories in Russian art" (2020)

Member: Kokoreva Diana, 13 years old

Leaders: Olkhovskaya Elena Vsevolodovna, Belying Marina Vyacheslavovna
IOC: Central District Library to them. IN. G. Belinsky, GBOU secondary school No. 96 of the Kalinin district, g. Saint Petersburg

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