The artist is Kukryniks

Kukryniks-the famous and one-of-a-kind creative team of three Soviet graphs and painters. This pseudonym was formed from parts of the names of participants – People’s Artists of the USSR Mikhail Kupriyanov, Porfiry Krylov and Nikolai Sokolov. Kukryniks are most known to the viewer as masters of sharp satirical posters, accurate cartoons of the enemy command on the pages of numerous publications, magazines, leaflets, newspapers of the times of the Great Patriotic War. Each of the participants in the association is a master of drawing, painting, illustrations, but the artists themselves spoke about their unification as follows: “What was created by the team could not master any of us separately.”

A major result, the fruit of accumulated knowledge, impressions and previous work was the picturesque canvas “end”.

Having been in the post -war Berlin, the Kukryniks were present at the Nuremberg process, they went down to the underground bunker of the Imperial Reich Scanning Committee. These impressions were the starting point for creating a canvas. Gloomy flavor, disorder in the reception, open bottles of expensive wines and indifferent humility to fate on the faces of the highest commanders of the Third Reich – all this indicates the fatal adamant of the end and meaninglessness of the resistance. From behind a heavy armored door, a miserable figure of the Fuhrer peeps out, which none of the close associates pays attention to. His pose and face express fear and approaching madness. Hitler’s gaze is turned up somewhere-to where the shells of the allies are torn, to where the inevitable retaliation will come. “We wanted to give it to feel that in our picture an invisibly has a positive beginning, although it is not depicted,” the authors explain this frightened look.

E.B. Mogilevsky, c.M. Akhunov. Materials for audio guide at the exhibition “Memory” for the IZI platform.Travel. 2020

Hitler Adolf (1889–1945) is the leader of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party and the Reich Scan of the German, the ideologist of fascism and the creator of the totalitarian state system, along with such foreign figures as Napoleon or Genghis Khan, entered Russian history as the embodiment of evil, merciless and merciless and merciless and merciless and merciless. Cruel conqueror.

In early April 1945, due to the sharply intensified bombing of Berlin, Hitler moved to the bunker near the Reich Scan. A month later, he committed suicide. With acute expressiveness, artists conveyed the confusion of the Fuhrer and his minions. It seems that through the thickness of the concrete, the rings of the explosions are reported. Asymmetry of figures and objects, convulsive movements of characters, exciting contrasts of light and shadow – all this figuratively conveys the feeling of the inevitable collapse of the third Reich. (A. D.) Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. WITH. 471.

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