Appassionate. (Builders of communism)

The artist is self -wrapping

From the book of memoirs of the artist “My Creative Way”: “In a working club or red corner near the marble bust in.AND. Lenin is opened by the piano. Already a pre -draft hour. The invited pianist in memory of Lenin performs his favorite work – "Appasionate" Beethoven. Everyone gathered. Here, both the heads of the enterprise and the persons of higher scientific qualifications are scientists, among them a person who resembles Kurchatov. And maybe the cosmonauts invited here.

At the heart of the people’s mass, representatives of highly qualified Soviet industrial workers. Workers’ hands with rolled sleeves in a slightly restless gesture express his inner transition from labor to perception of music. Both on the right and left of it, groups of workers united. Among them are an elderly worker, the strict concentration of which indicates the perception of her music. Below, in the front row of sitting, a representative of the Soviet industrial workers is a mother. Her excited son is shocked by the music going here, right in front of him. They sit almost at the keyboard of the open piano. And behind the piano pianist, something that reminds Beethoven himself, with a powerful blow, causes amazing sounds of sonata from a musical instrument "Appassionates", the very ones about which in.AND. Lenin said m. Gorky: "I don’t know anything better "Appassionata", Ready to listen to her every day. Amazing, inhuman music. I am always with pride, maybe naive, I think: these are what miracles can do people!"

Sounds that express a man’s impulse to great action.

To the left of the mother, a group of women and girls is a technical intelligentsia, without which no industrial enterprise is complete now. And behind their backs-engineering youth and one sportsman-Dinamovets. To the right, closer to the marble bust of the leader, the figures of the engineer, the designer girl, the pilot-cosmonaut and two girls at the piano, as it were, close the group of senior comrades sitting in the front row, including one gray-haired engineer and one hero of socialist labor ..

The rays of the sunset sun flashed on the folds of their clothes, on their excited faces.

Gestures were one of the most important sections of compositional work in this picture. The conversation of hands, the growth of their expressiveness from gestures of perception, deepening, gestures characterizing the participants in the composition, from the relationship, to an active wave for a powerful chord with a pianist – all this was the subject of the author of the composition of the composition of the composition and fascinated me as an artist as an artist.

And outside the windows, in the rays of the evens of the sun – a powerful portal crane and the outlines of a huge modern construction site “.

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