There will be a park here

The artist – Pimenov

Moscow in the works of Yuri Pimenov appears to be dynamic, always modern and daily updated city. In 1950, large -scale work was launched on the reconstruction of the All -Union Agricultural Exhibition (VSHV, later – VDNH). This grandiose exhibition and park complex occupies more than 300 hectares in the northeast of the capital. In the study of Pimenov, the famous sculpture of Vera Mukhina “Worker and Collective Farm” rises over the rapidly unfolding front of the work. In 1937, she crowned the USSR pavilion at a worldwide exhibition in Paris. After the closing of the exhibition, the sculpture returned to Moscow and was installed at the entrance to the VSHV.

For the happiness of the people. Catalog of the exhibition of the Russian Museum in Malaga. 2018. WITH. 119.

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