Portrait b. AND. Yakovlev

The artist is Gerasimov

Portrait of Boris Ivanovich Yakovlev, a sculptor who took part in the architectural decision of the internal space of the mausoleum in. AND. Lenin, is another evidence of how much portraits are enough of the chamber plan differ from the “portraits-fixations” of ceremonial paintings a. M. Gerasimova. The work was decided expressively, dynamically. The pose of the portraited, emotional gesture, turning the head, creating a feeling of an energetic conversation with an invisible interlocutor, make the image a psychologically reliable, artistically convincing. In this sense, the contrast of Yakovlev’s dark costume with a neutral background, white gypsum of an ancient copy is essential in this sense. An accurate, restrained selection of details focuses on the main thing – the nature of the model. (A. D.).

Yakovlev Boris Ivanovich (1884–1963) – sculptor. Participant in the internal architectural design of the Mausoleum in. AND. Lenin. Stalin Prize winner (1945).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 291.

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