In the workshop of the sculptor

The artist is Ryanggina

The main character of this genre scene is the famous Soviet sculptor and. M. Tchaikov working on the high relief in. AND. Lenin. At the same time, Ryanggina shows that the range of those and the heroes that Tchaikov addresses goes beyond the framework of the official. Here in the workshop there are sculptural portraits of famous cultural figures, including an artist with. IN. Gerasimov, employee Tchaikov on teaching at Vhutin, and poet L. M. Kvitko is a member of the former Jewish anti -fascist committee, shot a few years after the creation of this canvas. But the central place, of course, occupies a portrait in. IN. Mayakovsky, the “first -creator” of whose image in sculpture became precisely Tchaikov, who worked on the project of a monumental monument to the poet for many years. (E. Goats.)

Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. WITH. 451.

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