Portrait of the Hero of the Soviet Union, a captain-fighter pilot with.G. Litaurin

The artist is silver

This portrait is organically included in the portrait gallery of the painter, the period of heroic defense of Leningrad. The artist repeatedly traveled to the front, where he created portraits of partisans, snipers, and in a blocked city – posters that affirmed the courage of his defenders. In early February 1943, the artist visited one of the front-line airfields with the task of writing “two heroes of the Patriotic War” … In a letter to his wife, the artist writes: “I was with the partisans, I was with the front-line workers, now I am at the pilots. And if earlier I met the amazing qualities of Soviet people everywhere-unlimited heroism and courage, then in fighter pilots these qualities were erected to the highest degree. These are good young guys, everything is as healthy, stately and beautiful infinitely bold and brave ”. The portrait is written energetically, expressively, just. It attracts with its naturalness, the accuracy of the psychological characteristics. In the person of the famous ace – calm confidence, openness. The portrait was written very quickly; Meanwhile, the image is completely completed, retains the feeling of meeting with an interesting model. (A. D.). Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 272.

Litavrin Sergey Gavrilovich (1921–1957)-fighter pilot, captain, Hero of the Soviet Union. Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 272.

Sergey Gavrilovich Litavrin (December 14, 1921-February 4, 1957)-pilot-AS, participant in the defense of Leningrad, Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel.

From the first days of World War II, he participated in battles on the Leningrad Front. During the war, Litavrin made 462 sorties. In 90 air battles, he personally shot down 18 aircraft.

"…Sergey Litavrina Comrades called "bombing hunter", He personally shot down 14 fascist aircraft, invariably leaving the winner from the most fierce air fights. There are many glorious combat episodes in the pilot’s biography. Invariably cold -blooded and confident in its superiority over the enemy, the Soviet ace was not lost under any circumstances.

On June 6, 1943, the pilots of the Leningrad Front shot down 22 fascist aircraft in a major air battle. Six Captain Litavrina shot down 8 fascist aircraft. …German bombers went in a tight system under the cover of many fighters. Litavrin went overwhelmed. He saw German planes well "Heinkel-111" – They walked in three groups, over 40 cars. About two dozen "Focke-Wulf-190" They walked above them.

I had to quietly approach enemy bombers. It was not easy to do: litaurins and comrades went to the battlefield not from the sun, and they had to attack from below or at equal heights with the enemy. When our planes became close to the German, Litavrin’s calm voice sounded on the radio: "Attack!". Red -free fighters crashed into the system of bombers. He drowned the captain "Heinkel". Having lost order, the Nazis swept. From the blows of Soviet pilots one after another, bothering, they fell into the last peak from which there was no way out. The confused cover fighters rushed from side to side, tried to attack, but there was no confidence in their erratic attacks. The six of the glorious Litavrin seemed invulnerable. The Nazis were scattered… (From the album of portraits and essays – "Heroes of the Soviet Union of the Leningrad Front".)

January 28, 1943 from. G. Litavrin was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

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