Victory Day

The artist is Savinov

Gleb Aleksandrovich Savinov – a famous Soviet painter and teacher, Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Born near Kharkov, already at the age of seven, he moves to Petrograd with his family. The father of the artist Alexander Ivanovich Savinov is a famous painter and teacher, professor at the Academy of Arts, familiar with many artists of that time, which significantly influenced the formation of Gleb Savinov in the future.

In 1940, Gleb Aleksandrovich graduated from the Repin Institute and in the same year calls for service to the Baltic Fleet, where he served as an ordinary rifle brigade and participated in the defense of Leningrad. Even during a difficult service, the artist managed to realize his talent for the artist, which was soon appreciated by the command – he was appointed artist of the Baltic crew. The experience of service at the front, the loss of a father devoted to the art in the besieged Leningrad – these vital milestones will forever leave an imprint on the work of Gleb Savinov. In his works – colorful and masterfully executed a lot of air, freedom, they are full of sensation of peaceful life.

By the thirty year of victory, Gleb Aleksandrovich ends the major picture “Victory Day”. The picture is written in bright joyful colors – everywhere the sun, flowering and life. The distorted perspective refers to experiments with a spherical prospect of.P. Petrova-Vodkin, who was friends with his father Gleb Savinov. It depicts not a magnificent public holiday, but a family personal day of memory of the past. Three generations of a large family gathered at the table of May ninth, like their numerous neighbors. Young people look peacefully and carefree, and only in the figures and expression of people still not old parents, traces of severe trials, anxious memory of past days are visible.

E.B. Mogilevsky, c.M. Akhunov. Materials for audio guide at the exhibition “Memory” for the IZI platform.Travel. 2020

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