AND. IN. Stalin in the Turukhansky Territory

The artist is Nikolaev

By the beginning of the 1910s and. IN. Dzhugashvili, whose shoulders already had many arrests, prisons and exiles, became one of the prominent leaders of the Bolsheviks. He played an important role in the publication of the Pravda mass newspaper, oversaw a party election campaign in the IV State Duma. In 1913, Dzhugashvili first published one of his articles under the pseudonym “To. Stalin “. But in the same year, he underwent the seventh arrest and, after a four -month imprisonment, went to the Turukhansky Territory (the north of the current Krasnoyarsk Territory) for four years under the vowel supervision of the police, where he served a link in the village of Kureyka until the February revolution of 1917, Sverdlov.

Nikolaev created one of the most romantic images of Stalin in Soviet Stalinian. The artist portrayed a young, inspired by the high ideals of a revolutionary, whose movement and look directed into the distance, in those spaces full of boiling activities from which he was pulled out by the link. (T. H.)

Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. WITH. 349

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