Elections for the Supreme Soviet of the USSR

The artist is Volkov

In 1936, the new (Stalin) Constitution approved the universal equal suffrage. The first elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR were held on December 12, 1937. The press noted: “The elections turned into a popular holiday. In vote, actually all residents of the country of selective age took part in the vote. “. Alexander Volkov stages one of the fragments of the “popular holiday” in rural areas. Elegant people in the polling station are in a hurry and enthusiastically hurry to enter, solemnly and decorously come out of there; In front of the entrance, a harmonist plays on the porch; The building is decorated with welcoming banners, posters, ribbons in garlands, flags flutter. The depicted grows to the scale of the festivities, in which new and old traditions, inspiration and naive thirst for the holiday are intertwined.

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