The artist is Moiseenko “Hero of Heroes” (war in works E. E. Moiseenko) Multimedia film – winner of the multimedia resource competition "Heroes and victories in Russian art" (2020) Member: Kokoreva Diana, 13 years old Leaders: Olkhovskaya Elena Vsevolodovna, Belying Marina Vyacheslavovna IOC: Central District Library to them. IN. G. Belinsky, GBOU secondary school No….

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The artist is Sokolov -Skal The Youth Underground Komsomol Organization “Young Guard” operated in the Ukrainian mining town of Krasnodon occupied by the Germans from July 1942 to February 1943. The Young Guards distributed leaflets, prevented the restoration of mines, destroyed the labor exchange, saving people from theft to Germany, conducted sabotage and prepared an…

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Return (bright morning)

The artist is Frolova -Bagrev In accordance with the canons of socialist realism, the picture was built on the principle of the story, and contemporaries could read it as an open book. On the floor-a carelessly and hastily open suitcase, an officer tunic with combat orders hangs on the back of the chair: the audience…

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